Spraytrain.com have been using electronic assessment for many years. The reasons for using electronic assessment are many. The old systems of long presentations and written tests are slow and inefficient. Mick Warren from Spraytrain.com says “The savings in time cannot be overemphasised. Prior to electronic assessment courses would over run. Courses can now have their content split into chapters and a few questions at the end of each chapter. Long presentations can be difficult for students to remember the content. Delivering information in shorter chapters and using electronic assessment at the end of each chapter, makes students regurgitate the information during the assessment and therefore the new information sticks.” There is proof of this as more students are getting 100% in their assessment. Assessment will always prove that learning has taken place but used in this way it makes the learning process happen.

At the end of the theory session the results are downloaded to a spreadsheet. The tutor can then look at the results, and go over the subjects where questions were answered incorrectly. This avoids targeting the students who got questions wrong. Spraytrain.com is always looking to improve their product and electronic assessment made a massive improvement to their training courses.