Bolton College in partnership with are providing a unique training courses for aircraft spray applications. The courses are part theory and part hands on practical using the latest compliant airspray and air assisted spray equipment. The training covers all aspects of aircraft coating applications; –

  • Material preparation (mixing and viscosity control)
  • Surface preparation
  • Spray gun setting and optimisation
  • Spray equipment maintenance and repair
  • Coating film measurement and inspection
  • Inspection equipment operation and calibration
  • Spray gun transfer efficiency testing
  • All health and safety information
  • Ombea electronic assessment

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Centre (STEM) provides an ideal venue for the training, with the latest up to date extraction and coating application equipment

Testing of spray gun transfer efficiency by the students is unique to Bolton College. Data is collected during practical tests and the results calculated using software developed by This subject provides the students with evidence of the value of spray gun optimisation settings.

The students keep log books during the training and are provided with’s own published text books: – “Airspray application of finishing and protective coatings” and “Air assisted airless spray application of finishing and protective coatings”.