Optimising spray gun settings
Optimising spray gun settings is just one way to increase transfer efficiency and reduce waste. Transfer efficiency in the context of a spraying process means the amount of coating solids that adheres to the target or work piece compared to the amount of coating solids that was sprayed through the spray gun. It is important to understand the transfer efficiency of a spraying process from both a cost and regulatory viewpoint.  Transfer efficiency is usually expressed as a percentage.

Other factors that will affect transfer efficiency: –


  • Coating atomisation characteristics
  • Spray equipment operator spray technique
  • Shape of items to be coated
  • Type of spray equipment being used
  • Air movement in the spray area

Heavy spray booth contamination
Heavy spray booth contamination is an obvious sign that transfer efficiency is low and efforts should be made to optimise settings and reduce waste. Advice on improving transfer efficiency is an important feature of all courses provided by Spraytrain.com