Mick Warren (left) with GCP technical staff

GCP Applied Technologies Limited is a key strategic supplier and partner to many leading companies in providing Specialty Construction Chemicals, Specialty Building Materials and services. GCP’s partners trust them to provide the products, knowledge, data, technologies, services and people needed to make their products work better, their projects run smoothly, and their business thrive.

GCP keep their staff abreast of all the latest technologies, including technologies adjacent to their normal remit. For example, their industrial chemists are at the forefront in developing the latest high-performance liquid membranes. The membranes are spray applied using the latest plural component airless spray equipment. As part of the staff’s continuous professional development the chemists are being trained on spray equipment technology. To provide specialist training in plural component spray application GCP contacted Mick Warren from Spraytrain.com, independent training providers specialising in industrial spray applications. The training was tailored to GCP’s bespoke spray application equipment. The training included theory with electronic assessment followed by a practical session. Complete reference books were included in the interactive training.