Electrostatics: Safety and efficiency

Important information to consider when using wet electrostatic spray equipment. From many years Spraytrain.com have provided training for operators using electrostatic spray equipment. The training provided helps operators to maximise transfer efficiency and reduce waste. There are many things to think about from a safety and efficiency point of view when using electrostatics. Earthing: - Earthing [...]

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Airless training for wind turbine manufacturer

The picture shows C S Wind staff with Stuart McTagart: C S Wind (far left) Mick Warren: Spraytrain.com (far right) Spraytrain.com provide training in airless spray applications, the courses are part theory and part practical. The purpose of the training is to demonstrate the correct use of equipment with an emphasis on safety [...]

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Electronic assessment with every course

Making your training experience efficient and positive is our aim. Yes, assessment will monitor tutor performance and assess student understanding. But there is more to our assessment than just tests. We have found that formative assessment enables students to remember the information presented during the theory part of the training. It would seem that if [...]

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Aerospace spray application training with Bolton College & Spraytrain.com

The picture shows from left: Roy Curme tutor, Peter Alstead head of department and Mick Warren Spraytrain.com Spraytrain.com have formed a partnership with Bolton College. The new partnership allows Bolton College to provide specialist training in airspray and air assisted airless spray for the aerospace industry. The spray facility at Bolton College provides [...]

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Optimising spray gun settings and improving transfer efficiency

Optimising spray gun settings Optimising spray gun settings is just one way to increase transfer efficiency and reduce waste. Transfer efficiency in the context of a spraying process means the amount of coating solids that adheres to the target or work piece compared to the amount of coating solids that was sprayed through the spray gun. [...]

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Increased transfer efficiency following training

Regalead Ltd is the market leader in the supply of decorative glass components to the window, door, glass processing and kitchen furniture industries worldwide. Operating from Manchester UK, supplying to over 80 countries worldwide. In an effort to improve transfer efficiency and produce consistent finish Guy Hubble contacted spraytrain.com. Mick Warren from Spraytrain provided a [...]

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